Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my website towards your future home and business property opportunities in the tropical island of Dominican Republic! Prior to helping you explore your needs and how I can be of service, allow me the pleasure of introducing myself.

My name is Andrea Thumeyer and I have been living in the Dominican Republic (also referred to as D.R.) since 1985. When I first came to D.R. for a three-week vacation from my home country of Germany I fell in love upon arrival! This island is now my stay-cation; the vacation that I now permanently live in!

In 1985 this wonderful island had breathtaking and scenic views of the beaches, rivers, and country sides. The people were friendly, cultural and humble. And the food and music - were both filled with great island flavors (ask me about my favorites)! Now after living here for over 27 years, I can attest that this love has grown even more so since 85!

In 1999 I bought my first house on the Island and I experienced first-hand the gap of knowledge needed to successfully maneuver through the Dominican purchasing process of property as a non-national. There are many details that need to be prepared and precautionary steps to be followed in order to ensure a smooth transaction towards obtaining Dominican real estate. I knew then that my experience could greatly assist others, such as yourself, in property purchases. Since then, I have been growing as a leading expert in the Dominican real-estate field for over a decade!

I am now the owner of a well-known Real-Estate Company on the North Coast of the island. My main office is in Sosua, which is located minutes between Cabarete and Puerto Plata. With my real estate agency I will help guide you in every aspect of the purchase and transition towards your very own Stay-cation in Dominican Republic. That means your once vacation perspective of the island will become your everyday vacation feeling without having to leave the comfort of your new island home!

I will help you and your family find the right property, offer advice on all aspects of your purchase , including Dominican Residency, finding the right lawyer, car rental, banking, service after sale and more. My clients become my friends from the start. Allow my experience over the decades of living and doing business here work for you. You can contact me in English, German or Spanish!

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that I am a huge pet lover and believe that each home should have a pet. I am also involved in an animal rescue and have saved many Dominican dogs, cats, birds, turtles and more. Currently I live with 13 dogs, 2 cats, over 850 birds, about 110 salt and sweet water fishes, 8 turtles and who knows what comes next.... I look forward to helping find the perfect home for you and your family- including the furry and feathery ones!